English vocabulary to follow “The Royal Wedding”!

¡Vocabulario Inglés sobre Bodas!

Arranca la temporada de bodas y en esta entrada de blog, The English Group os enseña nuevo vocabulario por si acaso vais a una boda en el Reino Unido. O si vais a seguir la boda de la familia real…

This Saturday 19th May Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will wed! The clock´s ticking and here’s what you need to know about the wedding of the year.

The royal couple will tie the knot on Saturday at 12:00 noon at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.  The chapel – where the Prince was christened and Ms Markle was baptised – holds about 800 people.

St George´s Chapel in Windsor                             Landau horse-drawn carriage

The ceremony will last an hour, following which the newlyweds will travel through Windsor in a carriage. This horse-drawn carriage, the Ascot Landau Carriage is used in official and ceremonial state events.


If you want to learn more about the lineage of the British Royal family you can have a fascinating look at this family tree.

Key Vocabulary on Weddings:

The Wedding Party:
This term refers to the people who typically stand at the front during the ceremony and also sit with the newlyweds for dinner.

The Bride: woman getting married
The Groom: man getting married
The best man: groom’s best friend or closest family member (witness to the marriage)
The maid of honour: bride’s best friend or closest family member (witness to the marriage)
groomsmen: other male friends or family members who stand up with the groom
bridesmaids: other female friends or family members who stand up with the bride
flower girl: young female child who carries the flowers
ring bearer: young male child who carries the wedding rings

Other People at Weddings:
guests: all of the people who go to the wedding
priest/minister/justice of the peace: person who legally marries the couple 
DJ: person who plays the music
photographer: person who takes the wedding pictures
caterer: person (or company) who makes the food for the reception

Typical Wedding Schedule:
1. Guests arrive at the ceremony
2. Wedding party walks down the aisle to music
3. Bride’s father escorts her down the aisle to music
4. Bride and groom exchange vows (promises to be together forever)
5. Groom kisses the brid
6. Minister invites the guests to congratulate the newlyweds
7. Wedding party walks back down the aisle to music (sometimes confetti is thrown)
8. Guests throw confetti over the newlyweds

9.Wedding party poses for professional photographs (break time for guests)
10.  Reception (party) begins
11. Dinner is served
12. Friends and family deliver speeches (ex. stories about the couple or cheers to the couple)
13. Bride and groom have first dance
14. Dancing continues
13. Bride and groom cut the wedding cake
14. Dessert is served
15. Bride throws her bouquet (flowers) to single women
16. Groom removes the garter (small band worn around bride’s leg); throws to single men
17. DJ announces last song
18. Bride and groom depart (some guests are already gone)
19. Bride and groom take a honeymoon (a vacation to celebrate the marriage)

Click here to learn some weird fun facts about the British royal family!

What to say to the happy couple
You look stunning. (very beautiful)
You look handsome. (very good looking; say to males)
Your dress is gorgeous.
The food was delicious.
Thank you for inviting us.
We really enjoyed ourselves.
The wedding was beautiful.
When’s the honeymoon?

Questions you may need to ask at a wedding
Where is the gift table?
What time is the reception?
Where should I sit? (You may need to tell the groomsmen if you are a guest of the bride or groom.)
Who are the bride’s parents?
Which one is the best man?
What is the maid of honour’s name?
How do you know the bride and groom? (What is your connection to the couple?)
Can I take your photograph?
When will the dancing start?

To find out more watch this video on all you need to know about the Royal Wedding Day!


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