R.I.P Stephen Hawking. Hoy nos enseña vocabulario de su mundo de ciencias.

” I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these ´how´and ´why´ questions. Occasionally, I find an answer. ” -Stephen Hawking



Here are some science and physics words used by the famous cosmologist:

  • Physics = the science of matter and energy, and the interaction between the two
  • Gravity = this acts on a mass to creat the force of weight
  • Gravitational field= the sun and the planets each have this surrounding them
  • Black hole= this is created when a star collapses
  • pH= the symbol relating to hydrogen ion concentration.  Below 7.0 is acidic and above 7.0 is alkaline. 7.0 is pH neutral.
  • force= a push or a pull
  • newtons= the units of measurement for force
  • friction= the rubbing of one object/ surface against another
  • kinetic energy= a moving car is an example of this type of energy


Here are some idiomatic expressions based on the subject of ´space´:

Can you fill the gaps with the correct idiomatic expression?


1. He was……………………………………. with his exam result.

a)over the moon         b) on another planet        c) under the sun


2. I used to go horse-riding a lot, but now I only go ……………………..

a) under the sun         b) once in a blue moon    c) on another planet


3. We stayed up all night talking, we pretty much talked about everything…..

a) back to earth       b) under the sun      c) on another planet


4. He wasn´t listening to me at all. Sometimes I think he´s living …..

a) on another planet           b)over the moon      c)under the sun


5. Those newlyweds think that marriage is blissful, but after a couple of years,

they´ll come ………………

a) back to earth        b) once in a blue moon        c) on another planet


The answers and their definitions will be published in our next blog entry.

Students- please write your quiz answers/ comments below!


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