¡ Aprueba tu examen con nosotros! Useful Expressions- Agreeing, Disagreeing and Giving your Opinion

In your Speaking Exam, you need to be able to express your opinions easily and agree or disagree with your interlocutor.

Here are some expressions you can use during the exam. Practice completing them, then say them several times so that they sound natural. Add expressions of your own to the lists.

I quite agree
Yes, I completely agree.
I agree up to a point.
Yes, that’s (exactly) what I think too.
That’s an excellent idea.
I’d go along with that.
Good point.
That’s true.
That’s exactly my view too.
Do you really think so?
I’m not sure about that.
That’s an interesting idea, but…
You have a point, but…
Well, actually…
I see what you mean, but…
I’m not convinced.
That may be the case but….
I see your point, but….
I’m not entirely convinced that that would be true.

Keep the conversation flowing by expanding your answers with examples and interacting as much as possible!: 
Shall we…?
Why don’t we…
What about + ing..?
One possibility would be to…
Why don’t we….
Have you ever thought about/ considered…?
Have you considered the possibility that…?
What’s your view on that?
I hadn’t thought of that.
How do you feel about…?
Would you say that…?
How far would you regard that as feasible?
Isn’t it sometimes the case that…?
Giving your opinion:
I think that……..
What I think is that…….
I believe that..
It seems to me that……
I have no hard and fast view on this, really, but….
Expanding your answers and expressing your preferences:
I’m fond of…
I quite like…
I am a keen …/ I am keen on + verb+ing…
I really love…
I can’t stand…
I’m not very fond of…
I’m not particularly keen on…
Saying what you prefer:
I definitely prefer…
I’d rather..
It’s difficult to choose, but I think I prefer..
If I had to choose…

It’s also useful to watch this short video of a real Speaking exam:

FCE Speaking exam

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