Health & Sickness

Useful idioms


  • “Lose you appetite”

If you ´ve “lost your appetite”, you don´t feel like eating.


  • “Bundle of nerves”

I you´re a “bundle of nerves” you´re very nervous or anxious.


  • “Pull a sickie”

If you “pull a sickie” you phone someone at work to say that you are sick and  can´t go in, even though you aren´t  really sick.


  • “Out of shape”

Someone who is “out of shape” isn´t in good physical condition an they aren´t fit.


  • “Out cold”

Someone who is “out cold” is unconscious, or they´ve fainted.


  • “Look the picture of health”

Someone who “looks the picture of health” appears to be very healthy.


  • “In good shape”

If you´re “in good shape”

You´re physically strong and healthy.descarga


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