¡Feliz Año Nuevo Chino! Expresiones con la palabra “rat” !

Para el nuevo año chino The English Group os enseña unas expresiones idiomáticas basadas en la palabra “rat” – una rata en inglés.

Hemos puesto primero la expresión y luego la definición con un ejemplo para entenderlo en contexto.

To rat on (someone)

= to report someone’s bad behavior to someone

The little boy ratted on his friend at school.

The rat race

= a rushed way of living and competition to keep one’s position in work/life

He decided to get out of the rat race, and went to work on a farm.

To smell a rat

= to be suspicious of someone or something, to feel that something is wrong

Pretty soon the local policeman will smell a rat

Like rats leaving/deserting the sinking ship

= used to refer to people leaving a place, organization, activity, etc. very quickly and in large numbers, because it is failing in some way:

Former friends have deserted the couple like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Like a drowned rat

= to be soaking wet and miserable

When she came in out of the rain she looked like a drowned rat.

A pack rat

= somebody who collects things that he does not need

My dad is such a pack rat. He still stores his stuff in my mom’s house despite the fact that he is no longer married to her.

hunt with cats and you catch only rats 

= a proverb meaning you should choose you allies wisely

Ahora a praticar con un ejercicio!

Fill in the gaps with the correct expression:

1. I know the story of a couple who got out of  ____________ and they live very happily

2. Now that the company is about to go bankrupt all the shareholders are leaving, just _______________

3. He collects stamps, spoons, envelopes, sugar lumps, anything! He’s _____________

4. It was raining so hard that when Lisa arrived home, she looked____________

5. Nobody wanted to tell me the news, but as soon as I entered the room I looked at their faces and I said: ‘I ____________________________’.      

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