¡Expresiones idiomaticas especial Hallowe’en!

Aprende Inglés a través de estas expresiones idiomaticas relacionadas con Hallowe’en.

Abajo he puesto unas expresiones y luego su uso en contexto. ¿ Puedes entender el significado de cada una?

  • “to have a skeleton in the cupboard”– Mrs Mills has a skeleton in the cupboard: she was caught stealing from her employer in 2002
  • “Skeleton staff”: My doctor’s surgery only has a skeleton staff at weekends
  • ” ghost town”. All the younger generations have left our village, and it’s like a ghost town now
  • “in cold blood”. They killed their former friend in cold blood
  • “to make blood boil”– it makes my blood boil to think that he was promoted manager before I was
  • “to stab somebody in the back”– We let him stay in our home, but he stabbed us in the back by telling lies about us to all his friends
  • “a night owl”– I’m a night owl: I do my best work in the evenings
  • “to be scared stiff”– I was scared stiff when I saw the ghostly face at my window

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