Aprende estas expresiones idiomaticas con “pig” para el nuevo año chino 2019!


Happy Chinese New Year!  ¡Feliz Año Nuevo Chino!

O bien en Chino:


¡Por qué no impresionar tu profe y tus compañeros de clase con estas expresiones idiomáticas basadas en este animal!

Aprende la expresión idiomatica y ponla en práctica según tu nivel:

Nivel intermedio:

  • as fat as a pig = very fat

 If I don’t stop eating this cake, I’ll be fat as a pig! 

  • A piggy bank = a small bank (sometimes in the shape of a pig) for saving money

The boy has been putting money into his piggy bank to save for a bicycle.

  • a piggyback– sitting or being carried on someone’s back and shoulders

I´m so tired, can you give me a piggyback, Dad?

Nivel intermedio:

  • to go hog-wild = to behave wildly

There’s no need to go hog wild just because it’s Sarah’s birthday – she won’t want such a fuss.

  • to go the whole hog = to do everything possible, to be extravagant

If you are redecorating one room, why not go the whole hog and paint the entire house?

  • a road hog– a car driver who uses more than his share of the road

If it were not for that road hog, he would have got to work on time

Nivel alto:

  • to buy a pig in a poke– to buy something without seeing it or knowing anything about it

Buying a home without inspecting it first is like buying a pig in a poke.

  • To make a pig´s ear of it-To make a mess of something

I made a friend a birthday cake but I didn’t have much time and I made a pig´s ear of it.

  • Pigs might fly/ when pigs fly – If you say ‘pigs might fly’ after someone has said that something might happen, you are emphasizing that you think it is very unlikely.

There’s a chance he won’t get involved in this, of course.’ .’—’And pigs might fly.



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