Claves para ganar un típico “Pub Quiz”británico

Quiz in Spanish and English coming soon!

¡Quiz night divertido en inglés y español proximamente!


 Tips on how to win a Quiz!!

1. Arrive about 15-30 minutes before the quiz starts, so that you can form a team, pick a good table, near the quizmaster and the screen. We will start promptly at 6pm!!

2.The person who says “I don’t know anything, don’t trust me!” will probably be the one who helps the team win!

3.Trust your instincts- People are constantly rethinking their answers, thinking that it could be “too simple”.

4. Play fair- no cheating, no Googling on your smartphones, as this spoils the fun!

5. Gather a good mix of players on your team- different ages, both men and women for different types of intelligence and knowledge.

6. Pick the right team member to write the answers- he/she must be able to spell and have clear handwriting! You don’t want to lose points on technicalities.

7. Before you dispute an answer – be sure you are right! Back up your answer with a reliable source.

8. Choose a person in your team who is in charge of writing down the questions as they are read. Then you can go back to a question later before submitting your answers ( and you won´t have forgotten them!)

Have fun and good luck!! 


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